GDPR: A Practical Guide to Getting It Done and Webinar: How We're Preparing for GDPR

30-01-2018 -

May 25th, 2018, is fast approaching – the point at which GDPR will be a fact of life. You don’t just need reminders. What you also need is practical guidance and support to ensure you’re ready.
Make a start here. We’re sharing our GDPR journey so far, along with resources we are sure you’ll find useful. Want to know more about how we can help? We’re here with you.

This comprehensive eBook is packed with hints, tips, checklists and best practice ideas.
Whether you’re just getting started or want to check your progress, this guide is for you.

Webinar: How We're Preparing for GDPR
Available on-demand, join Gitte Bendzulla, Junipers’ EMEA General Counsel and Lee Fisher, Juniper’s EMEA Head of Security, discussing our GDPR journey so far.
With Gitte focused on preparing our company for GDPR, discover what she’s learned so far and hear Lee’s recommendations for companies like yours.

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