Zero Trust: The ultimate guide to zero trust security

02-07-2020 -

In today’s digital, cloudified, distributed, and mobile work environment, there is no “inside the security perimeter,” because the perimeter is everywhere. This new reality has dire implications for cybersecurity, with an attack surface that has never been greater, and with cybercriminals who have become acutely adept at exploiting this new reality. 

The key to overcoming the challenge of “perimeter everywhere” is Zero Trust Security, a security model that is driven by the precepts of never trusting anything outside nor inside the organization’s security perimeters. In this guide, we will cover the seven principles of the Zero Trust security model and share the best practices, methodologies, and technologies that enable its effective implementation. 

Read this paper to learn how you can: 

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Download - Zero Trust Security (Whitepaper)

Download  - Zero Trust Security (Whitepaper)

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