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Asset management is a way of managing, tracking and maintaining fixed or movable assets for a business, whether that’s physical equipment or digital software and data. It's important for businesses to have asset management in place to ensure their product or service runs smoothly and they have a scalable solution that will foster growth and success.

In many industries, such as healthcare and IT, assets need to be carefully monitored and maintained in line with certain regulations so that they are compliant. However, asset management is a best practice across a whole host of industries as it is a cost-effective solution to optimise performance, growth, and consistency. Close monitoring of the lifecycle of assets means businesses can move to the device-as-a-service (DaaS) model to transform their workplace, improving productivity and efficiency.

The benefits of asset management

With an asset management system in place, your business can reap many benefits such as increased productivity, greater efficiency, profitability, and seamless inventory procedures. Helping to take better control of finances to ensure these improvements, asset management integrates with your business to seamlessly track and manage in a way that will make day-to-day operations run like clockwork.

Due to the speed at which technology advances, it is necessary for businesses to refresh their equipment regularly and by leasing assets, you can have the most up-to-date, fully managed equipment at all times. Transparent tracking at the end of life process is also a possibility, asset management systems can map the complete process from collection to data erasure. Meaning that when your equipment is no longer of use to you, it will be collected and re-marketed without you having to lift a finger.

Supporting you at each stage of your asset’s lifecycle, asset management is there to provide financial control, precise reporting and flexible administration so you can save time and money internally.

With our inhouse asset management tool, TESMA®, it is easy to import, track and control your assets. All the right devisions know real time where the assets are, what they cost and if they are in usage.

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