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G suite summer class

6 August 2019

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Get more out of G Suite

After last year's success, we're organizing the G Suite Summer Class again this summer. With this training, we're aiming to help organizations deepen their knowledge of G Suite, so they can collaborate easier and smarter in the cloud.

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A full force G Suite Training covering the main Google apps such as mail, calendar, hangouts, drive, docs, sheets and slides. The G Suite training is split into two modules, each covering one half day.

The purpose is to deliver high quality and user-centric training to boost productivity with G Suite. That's why we will limit attendees to a maximum of 8 persons per module.

You can choose to follow one module or both.

Module 1 (starts at 9:00am) - G Suite Communication (Mail, Calendar, Hangouts and Google Plus)


  • Gmail: The goal is not just to understand and use Google Mail and its specific functionalities, but also to discover how Google Mail helps process emails more efficiently.

  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar has interesting features to simplify scheduling meetings and checking multiple calendars.

  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can save you so much time in so many ways. Why not organise a video call instead of a physical meeting? Why not send a direct message instead of an email?

  • Google Plus: Google Plus is a great community builder and can be used as an internal social platform or "social intranet" for sharing knowledge and ideas with your colleagues and peers.

Module 2 (starts at 13:30) - G Suite Collaboration (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms)


  • Google Drive is a game changer when it comes to document management and mobility of your workforce.

  • Google Docs is extremely powerful to boost collaboration. How does Google Docs differentiate from Word and why would you use it?

  • Google Sheets is so far ahead when it comes to real-time collaboration, data analytics and artificial intelligence. How does Google Sheets differentiate from Excel and why would you use it?

  • Google Slides: How often is a presentation made by more than one person? How does machine learning help build presentations faster in Google Slides?

  • Google Forms is amazing for collecting data, building questionnaires, creating registration forms,... and it is so easy. If known properly, this can easily digitize a lot of paper forms.


A lot of our G Suite customers have new recruits or need a refresher Google training. An on-site training, however, would be overkill. Other organizations want specific people to be G Suite experts to support other users.

The G Suite Summer Class is the ideal way to train 1 to 5 people in your company without a large impact on the day to day operations.


Anyone in need of Google training. Ideal for:

  • New employees

  • People who want to extend their knowledge of G Suite

  • People who need refreshment training

  • The training is given by our consultant Jonas Aerts.

Please note: The G Suite training will be primarily in Dutch (English is also possible should there be English participants).

How much?

€ 185 per person (ex. VAT) for one module of choice: communication or collaboration (half day training). Included in the ticket price: coffee/tea, a snack and drink

€ 285 per person (ex. VAT) for both modules (full day training). Included in the ticket price: lunch, coffee/tea, a snack and drink

The purpose is to deliver high quality and user-centric training to boost productivity with G Suite. That's why we will limit attendees to a maximum of 8 persons per module. g-company has the right to cancel a session if there are less than 4 registrants. Every registrant will be fully reimbursed (registration pricing) or offered another date should a cancellation takes place.

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