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Automation launches SAFE for HPC



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Prefabricated Datacenter Modules for high performance computing: Where performance meets efficiency

Automation’s SAFE HPC range addresses the growing need of (extra) capacity in existing datacenters while keeping the price tag at an affordable level.

Indeed disruptive technologies combined with data analytics require an HPC infrastructure able to process ever higher capacities and solve the biggest challenges in business, medical, science and engineering industries. These HPC systems occupy relatively little footprint in a datacenter but at the same time they have extremely high power and cooling requirements. With traditional data center designs these two parameters are hard to achieve.

Automation’s Prefabricated Datacenters perfectly fit in these environments. They keep your HPC free from hazards, are delivered within 12 weeks and allow for adapting the capacity of your physical infrastructure quickly.

CERN considered the extension of the datacenters for two of their experiments – ALICE and LHCb – in order to let them collect and treat the information, close to the experiment and at an acceptable cost. They opted to rely on Prefabricated Datacenter Modules to execute the upgrades.

In this moment Automation is producing 10 SAFE HPC modules for the extension of these 2 experiments. Each datacenter hosts 2MW of net IT load with an estimated average annual pPUE of below 1.075.
The upgraded LHCb experiment is scheduled to start taking data in 2021 and researchers will use the datacenters to collect data at higher luminosity compared to the present running conditions and with a significantly increased selection efficiency.

The ALICE facility – to be up-and-running in 2021 – will be a high-throughput computing system including heterogeneous computing platforms and disk storage systems.

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